The festival consisted of three days divided into six activities called "Shkodra Sounds Corner" and "Shkodra Sounds Corner - Round Midnight". This was a special edition, dedicated to the Albanian jazz prince, Markelian Kapidani.
The first meeting took place at Millennium Cinema, where were presented the contents of the “Shkodra Jazz Festival”, the seventh edition, for the media and the public. The new thing of this edition, besides the artistic side, was the inclusion " of the project of the international artist, Davì Lamastra, as a part of “Shkodra Jazz  Festival”, who is working on the work of art entitled "Requiem 4 Mariposas³", dedicated to sensitization against violence against women. The city of Shkodra was chosen by the artist himself as a place where coexistence between different religious and social communities is a very good example. The Shkodran pianist Markelian Kapidani, accompanied by his band, performed concerts and master classes at the “Gjon Kapidani” concert hall of the “Prenkë Jakova” artistic school. Artist Davi, was in the premises of Shkodra Municipality for collection of digital signatures by officials and citizens who joined the project "Sign You Too Against Violence", assisted by the staff of the Department of Social Affairs in Shkodra Municipality.

Jazz groups played jazz music at the scene of the "Migjeni" Theatre and then "jam session" was played in the premises of the city.



Organizatore generale
Shoqata kulturore “Rrok Jakaj”
Organizatore del festival
Optional Music International
Direzione e Produzione Artistica
Florian Jakaj
Ardian Dodani, Arjan Stajka
Stage Manager/ Grafica
Labeat Jakaj